Carrier Moving to Mexico

Carrier Moving to Mexico.

By now, we all have heard the unfortunate news that Carrier Air Conditioning and their move to Mexico. When I watched the video, my heart sunk for all the workers and their families because the ripple effect will be huge. If you haven’t seen the video of the announcement and that 1400 workers will lose their jobs to cheap labor, the video is below.

Furthermore, The New York Times published an article on how the company will save money but make other sacrifices. What stood out to me was the fact that a Mexican worker will get paid $19 A DAY!!!! That is an hourly wage here in America.

Ultimately, this is a business move and many American businesses are trying to adjust to a global market. Carrier would argue they have to make products that the rest of the world can afford. I’d like to ask, as an HVAC contractor in Keller, TX, “Can I have the same rate on equipment as you give in South America?” If Air conditioning contractors in Fort Worth could get that we’d all being doing pretty well. Carrier now can operate at lower costs, avoid EPA laws in Mexico and Americans will lose more jobs.

It’s a tough pill to swallow for everyone. In my honest opinion, I do not agree with Carrier moving to Mexico. Some are putting hope in Donald Trump to stop this but I think the fate is sealed. Here in Texas, there are quality air conditioning products made such as American Standard, Trane, and Lennox. These companies are thriving and as far as I know, they are staying put here in the United States of America. I also understand that businesses have to make these tough decisions but this one hurts too much. At Seal Heating and Air Conditioning, we are going to promote the companies that will stay in America with products made by Americans. I wish the best for those that will lose their jobs at Carrier.

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