Change a fuse in Furnace

Change a fuse in furnace

Ever notice that your thermostat stopped working? Maybe you tried to work on your HVAC unit and you notice that your thermostat doesn’t have any power, you may have a blown fuse. Before you do any work, make sure your system has been serviced and the filter has been changed. Probably time to change a fuse in furnace because it may be shorted.

Before you change the fuse in the furnace, the first step in this process is extremely important and that in to make sure the power is off. The last thing I want to hear about was that somebody got shocked when they tried to change a fuse.

Second, locate your furnace. It may be in the attic or in a closet in the home. Open the access doors to reveal the motherboard. Find the fuse and pull it out. Check the furnace fuse to see if it has a burn mark and the metal fuse is or isn’t in tact.

change fuse in furnace
Furnace in an Attic. How to change a fuse

Third step, before you change the fuse in the furnace is insure there isn’t a short in the circuit. In this case of the video, the homeowner tried installing a new thermostat and crossed the wires. I use a “fuse popper” so that I don’t blow my stash of fuses. The fuse popper will let me know if a short still exists. Place the fuse popper in place of the original fuse and run the air conditioner.

The next step of replacing a fuse is to insert a new fuse into the mother board, with the power off of course. After you changed the fuse, turn the power on, close the panel doors of the furnace and test your air conditioning unit. I would suggest to buy a pack of these fuses and keep them on hand. You never know when you will need to change a fuse in your furnace again. Please feel free to ask any questions.


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