Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Commercial establishment rely heavily on air conditioning units to keep their premises with a suitable indoor temperature. Just imagine factory workers or office workers trying to work without the air conditioning unit running during the hot summer months. The result will be a lot of sweating, smelling and unnerved workers, and obviously this will result in a much lower efficiency and productivity rate. So if you come to think of it, the proper running of your air conditioning units is a determining factor for your business.
When it comes to commercial air conditioning service, there are various types of systems and a number of considerations at play. One would typically take into account the size as well as the cooling capacities, as this will depend greatly on the size of the commercial building.


Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Rooftop Units

Commercial rooftop units are generally referred to as packaged units or systems. Packaged air conditioners are basically units where all of the important components are found within a single casing which is placed on the rooftop. So one will find the cooling coil, compressor, air filter and air handling unit all housed within this casing. Such units will be able to cool large areas and multiple floors as they are modular. There are packaged units with a water cooled condenser, and others with air cooled condensers. Rooftop air conditioner units are generally the most common choice for large commercial establishments and business premises. Nowadays these units vary in size and are designed to offer cooling as well as heating with good air quality and minimized energy consumption.


Commercial Building Controls

Rooftop units will come with dedicated controls which allow for building management systems, as in a commercial building it is important to keep an eye on efficient operation. Proper system monitoring will see to efficient performance of such units. In fact building automation is of critical importance in commercial establishments as the centralized control will be vital when considering the size of the building and its cooling requirements, as well as to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. Energy management is of utmost importance in commercial buildings. With an energy management strategy energy efficiency will be optimized and this will lead to cost savings. We can advise you on the building energy management system as well as automation as we will try to help you maximize the building’s energy usage.
It is very important to choose the right commercial HVAC system depending on your building. There are multi or split systems, and package units, with the latter being among the most popular options. The choice will depend mainly on the cooling requirements and the area you intend to cool.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is also critical to have an air conditioning repair specialist who will see to the maintenance and repairs of your air conditioning unit. We have been offering Commercial Air Conditioning Service for commercial buildings for several years and we can guarantee a professional and efficient service. So for all your commercial air conditioning needs – from installation, to maintenance and repairs, make sure to consult Seal Heating and Cooling.