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Roanoke Heating Repair


When you hire a heating repair service, then there is a major responsibility on its shoulder, and that is to manage the inspections efficiently. If you are a resident of Roanoke, then you might want to hire the best Roanoke Heating Repair/Heater Repair Service. We will just give you insight regarding the different aspects which the repair company will check out at the time of inspection.

Things that a repair service needs to check out during inspection

  • Checking out the chimney: It is important that the technician should inspect the chimney. He should manage a detailed checking of the vent pipe as well. If there is a blockage or leakage in this pipe, then there is a possibility that the entire house might be filled with deadly carbon monoxide. Additionally, the repair service should check the flue for any obstructions as well. If this goes unchecked, the air quality in the house will be affected.
  • Inspecting the gas valve: The repair company should check out the gas valve as well. The gas valve needs to be checked for the gas pressure. The technician should make sure that the main burners and the pilot are cleaned. If oil fired equipment is being used, then the technician should make sure that he replaces the burner nozzle and oil filter.
  • Oiling the blow motor: If a warm air furnace is present in a house, then the repair service should perform oiling on the blow The motor should be cleaned as well. It is also necessary to check the blower wheel. If the furnace makes use of a belt driven motor, then the belt should be replaced if needed. It is also important to check the belt for proper alignment and proper tension as well.
  • Adjusting the oil burner: When the technician visits a house for heating equipment inspection, then he should carry all the necessary tools with him. For example, he should have a thermometer, a draft gauge, and a CO2 analyzer as well. These devices will be needed if the technician has to adjust an oil burner. If an oil fired burner is present in the house, then the repair company should check out the nozzle as well.
  • Gas Furnace Sequence of Operation: Due to carbon monoxide, gas and flames, gas furnaces must go thru a sequence of operation to ensure safety of a home. You can watch the video by clicking here.


The smart approach is that you should call Roanoke Heating Repair/Heater Repair Service before the peak season. The preventive inspection can help you from spending a lot of money on heating system repairs. Now, once the inspection and the repairs have been done, then it is your responsibility to keep a check on the maintenance. For example, you should make sure that you clean and change the furnace filter once a month.

Roanoke Heating Repair

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You should also keep an eye on the accuracy of the thermostat. What you should do is put a thermometer on the wall that is located next to the thermostat. Run the furnace several times. Make sure you compare the reading of the thermometer with the displayed temperature. Follow these simple rules and your heating equipment will remain in order.