Nest Thermostat Issues

nest thermostat

Ever have Nest thermostat issues?

Well, you’re not alone. In fact, the reason you’re probably here is because you’re searching for answers so let’s get right to the issues. I made a video because I go to a lot of homes of people that have the same Nest thermostat issues. Before anything, insure your Nest Tsat was installed correctly. If a technician installed it, be sure he runs both heating and cooling before he or she leaves. Also, check to see if the latest Firmware has been downloaded.

Second, make sure that you have had your air conditioning system served and a maintenance. If you live in Fort Worth / Keller TX area, we can service your unit. http://www.sealheatingandaircondition…. Even a filthy filter can have a severe affect on your AC system and cause many problems

Nest Thermostat Issues
Nest Thermostat issues

Third; Go through your settings and make sure everything is what you want it to be. Remember, the Nest thermostat is a self learning piece of technology and will reprogram itself if you allow it. Kind of sounds weird and even big brother’ish but that’s the reality we live in.  The most common issue I have is that customers complain that the Nest switched to a temperature they didn’t want it on… Please first ask your kids or mother in law that’s staying for the week if they tampered with the temps. I go into the settings then choose Nest Sense. Here I move Auto away to the off position. This allows the home owner full control of the Nest and has solved a lot of issues. I would also recommend to turn off the Auto Schedule as well.

As of today, Nest currently sell Generation 3 (or the 3rd version) and is still working out the kinks. Like any technology, it’s expected to be buggy sometimes and there are firmware downloads that try to fix the issue. Please comment or ask any questions. Thank you

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