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Finally, Fort Worth Bitcoin home services are here. Whether we like it or not, the world is always changing and cryptocurrencies are in full effect. More and more companies are starting to accept Bitcoin payment in Fort Worth and Seal Heating and Air has joined the ranks.

Fort Worth Bitcoin
We accept Bitcoin in Keller Fort Worth

Bitcoin has been gaining popularity for years and has many advantages. First, transaction fees are a fraction of the cost compared to credit cards. On average, a credit card transaction can cost 3% of the sale whereas Bitcoin charges cents. Second, it is quite simple to use and you can transfer money in seconds. Third, the currency is world wide so you don’t have to convert money. My last point, and there certainly are more, is that it is safe to use.

To start using Bitcoin, you will need a digital wallet on your smart phone to buy and spend Bitcoin. There are many wallets to choose from such as Airbitz, Circle, Coinbase, etc. and you may need to do some research on the one you want to use. I personally have been with Circle for years and they have been easy to work with. Once you download the wallet and create an account, you are ready to go. To buy Bitcoin, you can have a friend send you some currency or you can link your bank account and deposit money. North Texas residents can easily look up Fort Worth Bitcoin users and companies to start using the cryptocurrency.

As your business and personal life are contained on your smart phone, the future looks bright for Bitcoin. We are trending toward a cashless society and the use of credit cards has proven costly with many risks of fraud. I encourage people to learn more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency because everyone can benefit from the technology. Seal Heating and Air is the only licensed and local air conditioning contractor that accepts Bitcoin. If you use Bitcoin, why not use it to fix your air conditioner? For more information regarding Bitcoin and companies that accept cryptocurrency, click here.

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