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Bedford Air Conditioning Repair

Seal Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted Bedford air conditioning Repair contractor. We are affordable and charge only $39 for your Service Call. We specialize in everything air conditioning related including home comfort, air conditioning, heating service and repair, and much more. We do offer HVAC system upgrades and our technicians arrive in vehicles fully stocked so that the air conditioning repair can be done the same day.

Bedford Air conditioning repair
AC Repair Bedford, TX

AC repair Bedford TX

What I enjoy about Bedford, TX is that many areas are lush with mature trees. The issue with all those trees can be the tons of leaves that fall off right into an air conditioning system. During last fall, our customers received our maintenance service and tune up. Why is this important? Well, everyone, at least most people, will go to a quick lube or mechanic to get an oil change after the 3000 mile mark.

Most of the time, a check engine light will appear and off we go for service. With air conditioning and heating service, there is no check engine light to alert us of the potential dangers of a neglected unit. Be sure to open up your condenser unit and wash off the coils really well. Dirty coils will cause heat rejection failure and your air conditioner will not cool properly.


VIP Heating and Air Conditioning Service

We are sure to call every VIP Member to set up their scheduled maintenance plan. As you prepare to go into the summer or winter, the maintenance service helps our customers survive the extreme weather of Texas. One of our customers called in and had cooling issues. After a diagnostic service, we determined the unit suffered from serious neglect.

The high voltage distribution system needed to be replaced and the coils needed a serious cleaning.  After removing the old electrical parts and a deep clean, a new electrical system was put in place and the unit ran like a champ. If you experienced the same issue or would like to join the Maintenance Membership Program, please call the office to set up an appointment.


HVAC Contractor Bedford

Seal Heating and Air Conditioning is a local, family owned and operated business. Our expert technicians have been trained, have a license, and have been background checked.  We are the Air Conditioning repair contractors of Bedford and provide service you can trust.

Freon Fill Bedford

Your air conditioning was fully charged with refrigerant when it was first installed. Over time, the acids and moisture attack the metals inside your unit that eventually can cause a small leak. Many people choose to replace the damaged equipment but that can be expensive. Seal HVAC provides freon fill service in Bedford at a low cost. If you are looking to just get through the summer, we can fill your system with R22 or R410.