AC Repair Colleyville TX

Air Conditioning Repair in Colleyville TX

.We specialize in everything air conditioning related including comfort, air conditioning, heating, service and repair. We do hvac system upgrades in Colleyville TX and our technicians arrive in vehicles fully stocked so that the air conditioning repair can be done the same day.

AC Repair Colleyville
Colleyville Air Conditioning Repair

Seal Heating and Air prides itself on quality service and offer:

✓ Best Technicians
✓ Flat Rate Price
✓ $39 Service
✓ New Installs
✓ Repair All Brands
✓ Fast Diagnostics
✓ Freon Fill
✓ Leak Detection
✓ Fan Motors
✓ Blower Motors
✓ Circuit Boards
✓ CapacitorsAC-Service-and-repair

AC Repair Colleyville

Did you know Colleyville was settled by the physician Dr. Lilburn Howard Colley in 1880? The town was later named after him in his honor. Now Colleyville, TX has grown into Tarrant county’s finest towns to live in. I have had the pleasure of providing AC repair in Colleyville to some of there finest doctors in town. One of the important things to doctors are clean and sterile areas because that is their trade. After inspecting their HVAC systems, I explained to them that one of the issues that had was that the unit has been neglected due to lack of maintenance. Dirt and bacterial circulate through the home all day which builds up within the unit and sent right back into the air to breathe. The solution was to install an Air Scrubber. Every doctor knew what this was because hospitals and clinics are equipped with these systems. After the Air Scrubber was installed, the customer noticed a decrease in allergies, odors, and felt fresh air through out the home.

Whole House Air Cleaner
Whole House Air Cleaner

I, personally, have installed the air scrubber in my household. With four kids, non stop cooking, germs, etc. this system has improved the air quality at home. The Air Scrubber is installed on the air conditioning unit and cleans the air to every room. Please contact us today for more information.