AC Repair Fort Worth TX

AC Repair Fort Worth TX

Fabulous Fort Worth AC Service is here. $39 gets us out to your home in the north Fort Worth area. Seal Heating and Air Conditioning is a local, family owned business that prides itself on excellent service. Whether you have a heat pump, conventional cooling, gas heat, or electric heating, we can help. Quality maintenance and indoor air quality are our specialty.

AC Repair Fort Worth
Fort Worth Air Conditioning Repair

Fort Worth Air Conditioning Service

✓ Best Technicians
✓ Flat Rate Price
✓ $39 Service
✓ New Installs
✓ Repair All Brands
✓ Fast Diagnostics
✓ Freon Fill
✓ Leak Detection
✓ Fan Motors
✓ Blower Motors
✓ Circuit Boards
✓ Capacitors

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance in Fort Worth

How important is AC maintenance? The answer is that everything needs service. Let’s list all the things we service. Our bodies need cleaning, the lawn needs cutting, the tables need dusting, our cars need oil changes, toilets need cleaning, etc. I’ve been to many homes and the fact is most of the home owners I meet neglect their HVAC system. You may ask “Why do I need to service my air conditioning unit?”. The answer is simple…MONEY! AC repair in Fort Worth can add up if a unit is neglected. Here is a fact, Engineers say as little as a tenth of an inch of dust can reduce your furnace’s efficiency by as much as 20%. dirty-blower

That is a staggering number when you think about how little an amount of dust that is! The reason being is the blades on those blower wheels are specially designed to push a certain amount of air. Any dirt on those blades will cause the blower motor (direct drive motor which spins the wheel) to work harder, drawing more amperage (costing you more money) and pushing less air to keep the desired RPM. It also causes the heat exchanger to run hotter in your furnace which ultimately lower the lifespan.