AC Repair Haltom

Air Conditioning & Heater Repair Haltom City

Summer is right around the corner and Haltom gets Hot! That’s why you call the certified air conditioning repair Haltom City Technicians at Seal HVAC.  Our service technicians are ready to service you today whatever your air conditioning needs are. Seal specializes in all facets of air conditioning. Whether its home comfort, air conditioning, heating, maintenance, or air quality, we get the job done. We do hvac system upgrades in Haltom City TX and our technicians arrive in vehicles fully stocked so that the air conditioning repair can be done the same day. Our Service Call are only $39.

Air conditioning repair Haltom City
AC repair Haltom City


Seal Heating and Air prides itself on quality service and offer:

✓ Best Technicians
✓ Flat Rate Price
✓ $39 Service
✓ New Installs
✓ Repair All Brands
✓ Fast Diagnostics
✓ Freon Fill
✓ Leak Detection
✓ Fan Motors
✓ Blower Motors
✓ Circuit Boards
✓ Capacitors

Air conditioning repair Haltom City

Haltom is an old town with some good Texas feeling. One customer, that comes to mind, had a very old air conditioner that was completely broken down. As I went into the attic, I discovered one of the most important factors of a well performing system had a major fault in the duct system. Properly sized and engineered duct are commonly overlooked and neglected by contractors. Damaged duct work should be immediately replaced. The reason being is what we call “Heat Loss“. Essentially, this means that when you have your air conditioner in cooling mode that you are also cooling the attic. This is a waste of money and energy. Properly installed duct work will also maximize energy efficiency and keep the inside of the house more comfortable. Our trained technicians properly installed the equipment and duct insuring the air conditioning repair in this Haltom City house was done right the first time. Ultimately, we saved them money and resulted in one happy customer.