AC Repair Richland Hills TX

AC Repair Richland Hills

Richland Hills is a town that is 3.2 square miles that Seal Air conditioning loves to service. For only $39, we will come out to your home in Richland Hills. Our technicians are AC repair Richland Hills certified. Call today 817.382.7088 for friendly service.

AC Repair Richland Hills TX
Richland Hills Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Service of Richland Hills

✓ Best Technicians
✓ Flat Rate Price
✓ $39 Service
✓ New Installs
✓ Repair All Brands
✓ Fast Diagnostics
✓ Freon Fill
✓ Leak Detection
✓ Fan Motors
✓ Blower Motors
✓ Circuit Boards
✓ Capacitors

Richland Hills HVAC Contractor

Everybody loves a good deal including myself. When it comes to entertainment and a great deal I go to Cinemark 8 movie theater. For only $1, I can watch all the blockbuster movies for super cheap. A family of six can go to the movies for only six bucks! The point is, good service isn’t always super expensive and that is what we believe at Seal Air Conditioning services. We keep our prices as low as possible with guarantees that can’t be beat.

air conditioning repair

Affordable Air Conditioning System

A couple years ago, a gentlemen purchased a home in Richland Hills. This house was a mega fixer upper and he called us out to look at the air conditioning system because he knew it was in bad shape. He was right. The only thing that worked was the power supply. I pulled out the blower wheel to show him how much filthy had accumulated the past 20 years and it was disgusting. This is what happens when there is no maintenance or IAQ products aren’t installed.

blower wheel
Filthy Blower Wheel

When he witnessed all the issues I had pointed out, he insisted on having a new HVAC system be installed and not to repair the old unit. The next sentence out of his mouth was that he wanted the “cheapest unit possible” with no bells or whistles. We heard him loud and clear and offered an affordable air conditioning system money could buy with a 10 year warranty. A heat load calculation was performed and we installed the proper unit to cool and heat his new investment. Contact us today to schedule service or estimate.

Freon Fill North Richland Hills

Quick freon fill services in Richland Hills. We can fill your system with freon if your levels are low. Seal HVAC can and will get you cool today whether you have R22 or R410 refrigerant. We have leak detection equipment to find the freon leak and fix it.