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Texas Strong

On August 25th, Hurricane Harvey hit southern Texas causing more damage in U.S. history. The category 4 storm put our cities were under water. Hundreds of thousands lost power and many were stranded on the roofs or their homes. Hurricane Harvey was a force to be reckoned with but something much stronger came after.

Texans rallied. Volunteers from neighboring states loaded up their cars packed with supplies. Boat owners hooked up their vessels and the help headed south. Everybody got to work immediately as one of the greatest teams in America. Homes were underwater but the Texan spirit was alive and well.

Tragedy and disaster has a way of bringing us together to do some amazing things. America may be divided politically or even by the love of a different sports team. JJ Watt’s Foundation raised tens of millions of dollars in aid money and other teams of the NFL pitched in to the cause. We realize that in this short life, our differences need to be put aside and helping other becomes the priority. This is the spirit of Texas.

As a local air conditioning business owner, I hope we can continue this attitude of helping others. I have serviced many customers during the brutal Texas summer. Some of these folks were single parents or elderly with no money to keep cool. It was my duty as a human being to give these customers the help they needed and we did. Many Texans did the same by taking time off work and putting themselves at risk to help the hurricane victims. We at Seal Heating and Air salute you great Americans.

If you, or someone you know, live in Tarrant county and volunteered during the hurricane, we would like to offer you free air conditioning service. Let’s stay Texas strong and continue to be that shining city upon a hill.

Thank you all volunteers, donation givers, emergency response, etc


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