Veterans Day Sale Free Service Calls

Veterans Day Korea

This whole month we are offering our Veterans Day Sale to all that have serviced in the Armed Forces. Seal Heating and Air is local, veteran and family owned and ready to meeting your air conditioning and heating repair needs.

Veterans day sale

You served and you sacrificed. Many of us Vets experienced some tough days in the military. Some have gone to war and some were deployed to far off lands. We missed the holidays, good times and birthdays with our friends and families. Sat in the cold, rainy weather with nothing over our heads. We were homesick and away from our loved ones. We just did what we had to do because we were the best!

Veterans Day Korea

I was 17 years old when I signed up. Barely an adult, I knew I wanted to be in the Army but did not know what I was in for. After summer, I was flown to Missouri to do my basic training at Fort Leonard Wood. We processed in and a few days later we were shipped, via cattle truck, to our barracks for shake down (just ask any Vet about that day, good times). From there on, you learn a ton of things such as how to shoot and what being inside a gas chamber is like. The best part of the Army was that I made great friends that had my back. All in all, it was a great life experience. I think all Vets know what I’m talking about and there was no greater feeling coming home.

Now, you are home and hopefully making up for lost time. One thing for sure, is that we are grateful for your service. As a Veteran, my company will always honor those who served in the military. We give free service calls to all Veterans in appreciation for what you sacrificed.

For fast and friendly service, call us today to book an appointment at 817-382-7088. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair.


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Seal HVAC is a local air conditioning and heating service company located in Keller, TX. We install air conditioners for businesses and homes and service all brands. Veteran and family owned.

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