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Euless Air Conditioning Repair

Payless for your next Euless AC repair when you call Seal Heating and Air. We specialize in everything air conditioning related including comfort, air conditioning, heating, maintenance, service and repair. We do hvac system upgrades in Euless TX and our technicians arrive in vehicles fully stocked so that the air conditioning repair can be done the same day. Furthermore, our technicians are NATE certified and will respect you and your home.

Euless AC Repair
Air Conditioning Repair Euless

Air Conditioning Service in Euless

A customer that lived in Euless for over 30 years called us to check out their HVAC system. The reason for the call was that outside air conditioning unit was not coming on (AKA Condensing Unit). Logically, the first thing we checked was the power sources. First place to check is the breaker, which is located in the main panel of the home.

Many electrical panels are located in the garage but since Euless homes and AC units are older, this panel was located inside the home in a closet. We opened up the panel, tested the break, and it was good.

Next, we checked out the AC disconnect switch located outside by the condensing unit. We determined that the disconnect switch was bad, in fact it had melted. The Seal technician install a new disconnect switch and electrical whip and the air conditioning unit turned on. Part of our service is to make sure the unit is fully operating with our 21 point check. We attached our gauges and saw that the refrigerant pressures were within normal operating conditions.

The customer also requested that we clean the out door coils, change the filter, and check supply temperatures. By the time we completed the service call, the customer had a HVAC system that was running great and like new.

Air Conditioning Service or Repair

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✓ Leak Detection
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