WiFi Thermostats

Nest thermostat

WiFi Thermostats and their benefits

A thermostat is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous pieces of hardware in everyday living. For many years no one paid attention to its technological potential. All changed with the advent of the Wi-Fi thermostat. What was a mundane household item suddenly generated buzz with all the new technology it incorporated  As the market for Wi-Fi thermostats heats up, more brands join the fray. The most recognizable ones are Nest, Honeywell, and Ecobee

Wifi Thermostats
Honeywell Wifi Thermostat

The Benefits of Using Wi-Fi Thermostats 

It’s Programmable

The ability to program a Wi-Fi thermostat through any internet enabled device is arguably one of the best things about it. You don’t need physical proximity to adjust it. If it is cold and you haven’t arrived home yet, you can turn on your heat pump remotely to walk into a warm house.  If you’re sleeping and need to adjust your air conditioning, for example, there’s no reason to get out of bed. You only need to reach for your cell phone or another connected device to do that. It is both convenient and cost effective as a result of being programmable.  You can control multiple Wi-Fi thermostats in multiple locations all at once without having to be near any of them.


Wifi Thermostats
Nest Wifi Thermostat

Some Wi-Fi thermostats, like Nest, have self-learning capabilities. As you use it, it picks up on your patterns and strives to mimic them as much as possible. If you habitually get up every morning at 6 am, for example, it will pick up on that and automatically adjust to the temperature you usually use.  If you leave the house, it will pick up on that and automatically activate the away mode to save on energy. The more it learns your daily routines, the more it can deliver convenience by automatically adjusting as and when needed. 

Cost Effective Wi-Fi thermostats

It provide a more granular control over how you use them. The ability to carefully monitor how you use it helps saves on energy. The capacity to remotely program it coupled with the alerts sent to your device help you regulate your energy usage better. The detailed usage reports help you identify areas you can potentially save on energy expenditure.  Help Maintain the Air Conditioning SystemSome WiFi thermostats have the capability to monitor your filters. Once they are dusty and need cleaning, they send you an alert to do it. This constant reminder helps you keep your AC in good especially when you forget to check your filters for dusting regularly.

Upgradable Analog thermostats

They were a one-and-done deal. After you bought and installed them, you had to make a repeat purchase just to get improved models. Wi-Fi thermostats are upgradable which ensures that you have the latest features without having to make expensive, repeat purchases. 

Finally, WiFi thermostats are a technological improvement over the analog model. There are various brands in the market with different capabilities. A good Wi-Fi thermostat will give you more control on your energy usage which saves you money in the long run. They also provide convenience through remote programming, eliminating the need for physical proximity. 

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